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Rolling in the Deep ♥ { + Dedications }

Просмотры: 1 Добавил: Romy Romy 
Описание материала:

★ мerry cнrιѕтмαѕ everyoɴe !!!!!!
★ This video is dedicated you my 3 Reneslec lovers , since I have the feeling im a Reneslec fan magnet I decided to make you Kris, Faith&Heloisa ♥ this video and of course I couldnt resist to vid Percy&Jane too ♥ I LOVE U GIRLS ♥ THE TALKS THAT I HAVE WITH YOU!!! DOESNT EXCIST!!! OUR LOGICAL WAYS TO EXPLAIN OUR FEELING & THOUGHT OMG XD ♥ I wont say much about you girls but you have to know !!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASONS I KEEP VIDDING ♥ & I MADE A video with the reason I saterted to vid :P ♥ I hope you like the this video ♥ I LOVEEE U SP FREAKING MUCH GIRLS

I OFFICIALY HATE MY SV It didnt wanted to render it in wmv so the quality is again suckish -.- In the end I wanted to show that both relationships broke so I found this Jackson&Lydia hand moments Perfect xP
I love this cover of the song♥ But guys pls comment ♥ I usually dont do so long videos so pls comment ♥

Credits :
Coloring : Mine
Manips : Mine
Song : Carol Cabrino - Grenade & Rolling in The Deep (Cover) MASHUP

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:01:14
Автор: MySweetHeartx
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